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Roliball / Ролибол

The beginning of Roliball into the world

A piece of the many aspects of Roliball
The effect of Roliball on the human complex 
It has been an welcome in Russia the beginning of 2010 in Omsk. Where the tempertures were compared with last winter much more higher. Some of the Roliball players in Omsk were
eager to learn and it has been an enjoying meeting in the start of 2010. Soon there will be some new photo's from the short visit.
One thing I learned is that movement belongs to the wellbeing of the human. If it is - 39 C than is there a need to move your complex that will pay back into the enjoyment of it's happyness insite.
Roliball,6 January, Россия 2009 Omck,Omsk, Russia


5 and 6 January 2009 a group of people of the Russian town Omck,Omsk have been participating in a course Roliball with the Dutch Certificated Roliball Trainer by Proffessor Bai Rong, Jonn van Schoot from the town Groningen in the Netherlands.
5 и 6 января 2009 сертифицированный тренер Йонн ван Шоот(обучавшийся у профессор Бай Ронг) из Нидерландов из города Гронинген провел курс занятий по Roliball/ Ролибол.

Roliball met Jonn van Schoot in Omck, Omsk Russia, Omck Россия.


Now you can find people playing all over the world. For contact in Russia go to Ролибол в России - Ассоциация ролибола ( 
Enjoy your play!


Nederlands eerste gecertificeerde Roliball Trainer sinds 2005. Onderwezen in China door uitvinder en ontwikkelaar Prof.Bai Rong, uit China. Sinds 2012 Gecertificeerde Roliball Instructeur Jonn van Schoot. contact klik op het regenboog lemniscaat

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